Forget the World Cup (oh you have), forget Big Brother (oh, you have) - ok then, forget Christmas shopping (ha!) - everyone knows NominateBill are the ONLY thing worth discussing at the moment - so why not have your say and tell the world and Scunthorpe what you think?

So, what are your thoughts?

All these questions must be addressed...*


*The answers: 1) You haven't seen it yet 2) They are mutually exclusive 3) Maybe 4) Yes, but he doesn't know what it is. 5) Yes

Sent: 17th December 2002 (Jon's birthday!) From:
Message: yo das back!!! dis site is a nother one man - naaa!!! huggie looks like dem gays on dat new face picture - wota guy. where is da man p-lowe? he is dat man ya know.
we are still uppin tha nominatersbill back is osenbrook, but it is ages since i think you will be doing a gig over here!!!!

big up da huggie for his boys and to da dem dogs nob suckers!!! go da rik - you look cool now. laters nomsters - hope you can find time to give a big up to a fan yo!!!!

laters men and da munster huggie


Sent: 22nd October 2002 From:

Message:I have a message. Go into the music section of the Nominate Bill website... maybe listen to some groovy sounds whilst you are there....but you must take the time to look closely at the accompanying group picture too. For it appears...if you look closely at Hughie in said picture...he for some unknown reason.....a love tryst which was somehow kept well out of the tabloids maybe.....he looks EXACTLY like a cross between Toadfish out of Neighbours...and the Devil.... I couldnt help but share my observations..... Spooky isnt it?? By the the music!!

NominateBill reply: Dear nominateBill fan, who the hell are you? If anyone knows, please tell Nice to hear from you, though, Robert Garrod, whoever you are. Please check back soon for more updates...

Sent: 27th September 2002 From:
Message: dear nominate bill ,
I am president of the bangkok branch of the nominate bill fan club. And I thought the band especially hughie would be interesed to know that there is a nominate bill tribute band based in bangkok made up of four strikingly beautiful ladyboys called "Nominate Jill". In an interesting recent gigg the "jon" impersonator ( reall name "fon") managed to do 15 keepy ups while singing sensible soccer. This in credible finale has had some of the thai music press suggesting "nominate jill" are almost as good as the real thing.High praise indeed.

yours mr d. cartwright
Sent: 29th August 2002 From:
Message: yo nomstermashers - da music's in da hooooooooooouuuuuse!!!! i am sure that yo site is caked - can't get on - and wonder if my comments made it to ya funky page!!! i still think paul lowe is da man - da funky master plan and huggie likes da boys!!! take it easy nomsters and we will sit tight here in osenbrook (germany)!!! run for d'em singles kids - tell jon hi!!! but he is just dog's nobs! big up da huggie, paul, jon and you rik - want to download vid but cannot!!!
Sent: 16th August 2002 From:
Message: Dear theBILL, Paul is da best - da funky master man!!! rik blows dogs nobs but jon is dog's nobs. huggie is funny but he doesn't like them gays!! long live da music maker in da face of it - paul don't take dat shit from rik! i know dat paul is keepin' it reel - not rik or jon or huggie! keep innit down in slough!!!!!!!!! huggie=gay :(
Sent: 12/08/02 From: Clare Bowey

Message: What is the prize for the best letter?

NominateBill reply: Dear nominateBill fan, Thank you for your interest in nominateBill; the band are always happy to receive e-mails and messages from fans, because nominateBill recognise that, without the fans, the band wouldn't be the great success that it has become. In particular, we are always happy to receive e-mails from girls (except Hughie). Perhaps you would be interested in our 'Deluxe Adult Membership' merchandise? It has the advantages of the standard merchandise only with more boobies. In response to your query, the band have asked me to inform you that the prize for 'letter of the week' is an officially branded 'nominateBill' packet of red hair dye. Thank you for your mail once more, and we hope that you continue to support the band. Please check for more updates regularly. Who knows perhaps YOU will be on it...

Best Regards, Administrator, for Rick, Jon, Paul and Hughie (of nominateBill)

Sent: 29/07/02 From: Hockey
Message: I am ur biggest fan eva. so there. nice weBsite btw although I think that Dale in socks is v distrurbing and u may get sued for emotional damage as a result.. Jackie loves her photos by the way. Loads of love Your biggest fan (apart from Gary Wilmot) - not literally 'biggest' I hope or else may haven to limit beer intake to 10 pints a night...
Sent: 10/04/02 From: Anonymous (Real name: Paul Lowe)
Message: Dear nominateBILL, I am a loyal, long-term obsessive fan (aged 8) and I hear there's a new album on the way. I would really like to know when it will be finished and sent out to all those on your mailing list. Yours O.Fan (PS Hughie is my favourite)
Sent: 10/04/02 From: Anonymous
Message: Nice move going on the web - I hope that your particular breed of sophistic-renaissance/pseudo-ironic transcendencies receive the popular support and recognition that they deserve.